Clothes Drying Rack Made by the Amish People

Clothes Drying RackAmong the many products made by Amish is clothes drying rack, this is their way of conserving electricity. Rather than tossing your clothes to a dryer after washing them, hang them to dry up using a drying rack. This classic product differs in sizes depending on what size you need for your family, its height usually ranges from 22” to 60”.

Clothes drying rack is made from quality wood that can last for years compared to a small plastic drying rack you usually see on department stores. Amish are known for making superior products because they are used in producing items by hands. These people are following strict guidelines in how they should live their lives, thus consumers respect and trust them.

Using an Amish dry rack is a great way to be part of a popular goal in promoting eco-friendly products. Unlike commercial items, you are assured that each product has been manually checked by Amish to give you superior quality clothing drying racks. If your family has been using drying racks for years, you will realize that Amish items are as of the same quality as it was several years ago.

Despite the modern technologies today, there are still those who used the classic way to dry clothes. If you think that your life is way better because you are using the up-to-date home appliances, then try to consider the following positive side of using the old-fashion dry rack:

  • Portability – these racks are foldable, which means if they are no longer in use you can collapse them and pile up in a corner. It doesn’t need a large space just for storage.
  • Finest Construction – this product was constructed without the use of nails, there are drilled holes in its sides where Amish put the pieces together using their ingenuity.
  • Dowel Usage – it is impressive that this product is not using any nails at all thus you are assured that your clothes won’t get stained while they drip dry on these racks.
  • Stylish – these racks are made by Amish’s experts hands, and its design is classic and sophisticated. This Amish clothing dry rack can add a distinct touch and accent to your laundry room. A total head turner in this modern day.
  • Cross bars – it serves a dual purpose, you can directly hang the clothes on the rack or drip dry them on a hanger on the bars.
  • Save bucks – since this item doesn’t need electricity, you are not paying for energy cost, which means you save a lot of money!
  • Handy – just in time of need during winter days, you can simply hang your rain-soaked garments on them.

Amish are creative people who have managed to preserve their tradition despite of the advanced technologies today. With this, consumers trying out their products will never regret spending their money on Amish items – quality and unique. Apart from clothes drying rack, there are different product selections within the Amish community that you can choose from.

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  1. Hi. How much is the hanging clothes rack? I’m looking for a tall one and this is taller than mist. What are the dimensions when it’s closed?

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